I adored Signal Studios' Toy Soldiers release to XBLA last year, enamored by its promise of a virtual toy army game that wasn't from the dull (in my opinion) Army Men series. If you were one of the 500,000+ people who bought the game and enjoyed it, too, you'll be happy to hear that a sequel is on the way!

Toy Soldiers: Cold War takes the series forward to the '80s, allowing players to "command the powerful Cold War [toy] arsenals of the USA or USSR armies". They'll be able to take control of base turrets, modern combat vehicles, fighter jets, attack helicopters, and G.I. Joe-esque commando action figures.

The game will feature a new local and online co-op multiplayer mode for its Campaign and Survival modes, as well as compettive minigames. It will also add secondary turret features (grenade launchers, scopes, tactical vission, etc.) and additional unit trees (WD-40 flame throwers, fireworks, bug spray, etc.).

Signal Studios will show off Toy Soldiers: Cold War at PAX East this weekend in the Xbox Live booth (#850). The Seattle-based developer also announced plans to release a PC version of the original Toy Soldiers in late spring/early summer.

[Via GamerBytes]