Why is this the first time I'm seeing a mash-up of Nintendo's Star Fox and Wes Anderson's take on Fantastic Mr. Fox? It seems so obvious that I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet, but I'm glad College Humor got to the idea first, as they're one of the few video sites with the time/budget to do the idea justice.

This trailer for the made-up stop-motion film captures Anderson's tone perfectly, transplanting George Clooney/Mr. Fox's introspection, Jason Schwartzman/Ash's tender lines, and the movie's twee soundtrack into the characters and world of Star Fox. Of course, the stocks lines from Fox McCloud's wingmen are there, too (e.g. "Do a barrel roll!", "Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!").

Like I said, it's perfect! Well, except for the lack of Meryl Streep voicing Krystal and knocking some sense into Fox McCloud.

[Via GoNintendo]