After working on it for more than two years, Studio Walljump has finally released Liight, its light-based puzzler that was selected and showcased as a PAX10 finalist in 2009, on the North American WiiWare service for 500 Nintendo Points ($5).

The goal of light is to solve puzzles and make music by arranging colored lights and shadows:

"Each puzzle in Liight is a unique combination of colored lights and targets arranged on a special board. If you completely cover a target with light of the matching color, the target will glow and play music.

A puzzle is solved when all of the targets are glowing and playing music together. Every puzzle makes a different song each time you play. Nonstop mode in Liight is a fast-paced arcade puzzle game that uses the same basic concepts you learn in Solve mode in a constant struggle for a high score."

Liight also features a Create mode in which you can build our own puzzles, as well as a Shade more to send those puzzles to your Wii friends through the system's WiiConnect24 online service.

So, jump on the Wii Shopping channel and grab this on WiiWare! And while you're there, make sure to buy Lilt Line, too.