I've always wanted to play a video game for Japanese anime/manga series Great Teacher Onizuka, and while one doesn't exist, Spike has a new PSP title that looks pretty close to it: Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School, a "high school chivalry action game."

Developed by the same team behind the Kenka Bancho series, Gachitora has you playing Tarao Kaji, a former gangster turned heroic teacher who's out to "solve [his] students' problems with punches and minigames," according to translated details from Siliconera.

Spike will release a demo in Japan next month with an original side-story that lets you sample street battles, visit a maid cafe, and play a strikeout minigame. You will also be able to import save data from the demo into the final game, which ships on April 21 in Japan.