I'm always excited whenever a finalist from Japan's annual Sense of Wonder Night competition puts out a new game, as they almost always have something quirky about them that's worth a whirl -- like Second Person Shooter Zato, a Flash release from Himojii (His and Her Disconnected Conversations).

In this game, you play from the perspective of moving enemies, but you must control an on-screen girl to rotate and fire lasers/missles at you. As more enemies pop up, you'll see your character from multiple angles, and you'll have to judge which enemies to shoot first based on how big you are on their screens.

It can be really intense, and I don't think I've played anything like it before! Well, unless you count cheating in four-player matches on GoldenEye for N64. You can play Second Person Shooter Zato for free here.

[Thanks, Marcus R.!]