When PAX East kicks off this Friday, Boston8Bit and MAGFest will throw a series of concerts featuring 15 chiptune musicians, including favorites like Smiletron, Glomag, Bit Shifter, and Disasterpeace. Artists Invaderbacca, H_N_i_C, and Batsly Adams will also provide live circuitbent visuals with the performances.

PAX East will host a concert each day at its Jamspace area from 11AM to 2PM. Before the Saturday show (around 10AM), artist and game culture journalist Zen Albatross will also give a presentation on the history of chip music, which will be followed by an artist Q&A session.

You can see the full lineup of performances after the break, and RSVP for the shows on Facebook.

Friday, 3/11
Cathode Rays
Active Knowledge
Animal Style
Bit Shifter

Saturday, 3/12
Zen Albatross
Danimal Cannon
Br1ght Pr1mate

Sunday, 3/13
7th Gear
The Shortsleeves
glomag and Corset lore