Crate Entertainment, an independent studio formed by veterans of Titan Quest developer Iron Lore Entertainment, is working on another Diablo-clone that hopes to "better perfect the magical formula of exploration, character advancement, and loot collection" pioneered by Blizzard's game.

This first gameplay clip for Grim Dawn, which uses the same technology that was employed in Titan Quest, mostly shows off the hack-and-slash title's soldier class, um, hacking and slashing monsters, doors, and a threatening chair, sending chunks of flesh and wood everywhere.

Grim Dawn will feature fve classes with distinct and multple skill trees (more classes planned as DLC), destructible environments, dynamic weather, multiplayer support, crafting, a loot system designed to drop less junk items, and more.

There's no word on when Grim Dawn will release, but you can purchase the game in advance for $19.85. If you preorder the $32 Epic Fan edition, you'll get beta access, your name in the credits, and an in-game accessory. The $48 Legendary Fan version comes with all that and alpha access.

[Via butsomuch]