If you don't have a DSi or missed out on 2009's Mighty Flip Champs for whatever reason, you'll likely have another opportunity to pick it up -- a new ESRB listing hints at a Wayforward (Shantae, Contra 4) porting the downloadable game to PSP:

"This is a puzzle game in which players navigate through platforms and mazes in order to meet up with animal friends. Players must constantly shift between different mazes, while avoiding spikes and other hazards. In some still images, a female hero is depicted wearing a tight-fitting halter top that exposes deep cleavage."
As you can see in the gameplay video above, the DSiWare version of the puzzle-platformer relied heavily on the system's dual screen set up, so it's not clear how Mighty Flip Champs DX will work. Perhaps the screens will be displayed side-by-side?

[Via GamerBytes]