Press Play wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to play/buy Max & the Magic Marker, its physics-based puzzle-platormer that took home the D2D Vision Award at the Independent Games Festival last year, so it's expanded the game's support platforms to include WiiWare, Windows, Mac, WP7, and now iOS.

The iPhone and iPad versions, which add touchscreen support for drawing all sorts of objects in the game, features the same playful presmise as the previous Max & the Magic Marker releases:

"One day Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail. The first thing he draws is a monster. As soon as the pen leaves the paper, the monster comes to life and jumps into another drawing. Oh no, it must be stopped! Max draws himself onto the page and the chase begins.

You have a magic marker that enables you to draw freehand in the game – everything you draw becomes a real, interactive object within the game world. Master Max's extraordinary talent and help him overcome enemies, obstacles and puzzles!"

Max & the Magic Marker is available on the iPhone (3GS and new) and iPod Touch (third generation and newer) for $1.99, and on the iPad with HD graphics for $4.99.