Offering moral support to its countrymen, Osaka-headquartered Capcom has posted two spirited desktop wallpapers of Street Fighter characters cheering, "Do your best, Japan!" (or something along those lines).

One of the background features the standard heroes from the fighting game series, while the other more interesting background (above) takes advantage of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken crossover to show Heihachi and M. Bison doing their part to bring aid to Japan.

As video game journalist Daniel Feit put it, it's great to see that M. Bison's "Psycho Power can be used for good". Other Street Fighter characters like Cammy, Juli, and Juni can also be seen helping out their boss.

Buy why would the heads of the Shadaloo Crime Syndicate and the corrupt Mishima Zaibatsu work together for an altruistic purpose? It's really not that farfetched -- there are reports of the real-world Yakuza going to great lengths to help victims of the earthquakes/tsunamis, after all.