Sister publication Game Developer magazine is doing a major survey on game engines, with results to be printed in the magazine and Gamasutra, and is looking for comments from senior game industry technologists.

The survey is being conducted in association with industry veteran (Sony, Google, THQ) and former Game Developer EIC Mark DeLoura. In his introduction to the survey, he explains his goal for the article, which will be published in the May 2010 issue of Game Developer":

"Hi there! Thanks for being willing to share your thoughts about your experiences with game engine middleware. You don't have to currently be using a game engine on your latest game in order to take this survey.

But you'll most likely find these questions relevant if you are a senior production or technology person, and currently working on a PC, console or handheld game. Mobile game developers may find some of this survey relevant, and casual/social game developers probably will not find most of it relevant at all.

This survey is being used to collect thoughts about the use of game engines by industry professionals, to be shared in aggregate form only, by way of articles and blog posts.

The information gathered in this survey will only ever be used in a generalized manner; no personal identifying information you share here will ever be used, apart from using it to contact you to let you know that the survey results have been published (and then only if you say you want to be contacted).

Please feel free to share the link to this survey with other senior game industry professionals, as the more people who take the survey, the more valuable the resultant information will be.

In 2009, a similar survey was conducted to learn more about the use of engines in the game industry, and the results of that survey were shared in these two Gamasutra articles: Engine Survey General Results and Engine Survey Technology Results. We look forward to a very similar article discussing the results of this survey and how the perception of game engines has changed over time."

The full Game Developer magazine survey is now accepting responses.