Locomalito, whose name you'd do right to remember for his work on freeware shoot'em up Hydorah, has given his fans this first look at gameplay footage for his upcoming "medical terror arcade game" titled Viriax.

The game is like the opposite of EA's MicroBot, in which you control a microscopic ship to destroy a biotechnological infestation inside a human. Here, you're the antagonistic Viriax infection, infecting important organs with the hopes of destroying a "Nanobot Assembly System."

Locomalito explains, "Reach the organ core to infect it, but watch your energy level: each time you move up or attack you will loose part of your energy, as also you will loose a bunch of energy if you get hit by an enemy cell. Collect red globules to keep your energy full and think when it's a good moment to stop and make some points."

There's no release date yet for the PC game yet, but Locomalito has revealed that it will have six procedurally generated levels, and that users will be able to play with one hand, using just the cursor keys.