This Thursday, indie developer Pixelante (Fowl Space), will begin streaming its Facepalm Gaming Marathon, a charity fundraiser in which the studio plays through "brutally difficult" games to raise money for Child's Play.

Some of the games the group will be playing and livestreaming during the marathon include I Wanna Be The Guy, Super Meat Boy, Megaman 1/2/10, Syobon Action, VVVVVV, Zelda 2, and others. 

The more money people contribute, the longer Pixeltane will stream its torment for others to laugh at their "miserable, pathetic failures". They'll also take on challenges for silly things to do on camera. 

And as an added bonus, anyone who donates $20 or more will receive a free copy of its upcoming game, PAX10 finalist Fowl Space. Or if you want the Windows/PC game but don't have that much, you can preorder it for $5, and Pixelante will send 25 percent of that to Child's Play.