After running the finest satirical Sega fansite available on this snarky internet for 15 years, Gary "Commander Zorg" Cutlack announced that UK Resistance is closing due to what he describes as "a general feeling of disconnection from a games industry that no longer accomodates or reflects our needs".

For those pitiful readers who never had a chance to enjoy UK Resistance (or its Blue Sky In Games campaign), it was "a site about games and game paraphernalia and how nothing's as good as we remember it, probably because we used to inhabit a fantasy world."

It was also the best online collection of lamentations over Sega's/Sonic the Hedgehog's fate, cheeky Sony-bashing, photos of spirals resembling the Dreamcast logo, and lewd artwork of Cream the Rabbit in uncompromising positions.

"It's time," explained Cutlack. "Or rather, it was time about three years ago and we have only just got around to making it formal." While the site will no longer receive updates, UK Resistance "will remain online in archive format for the forseeable future.

One UK Resistance reader, obviously devastated by the news, could only react by asking, "Does this mean the Dreamcast 2 isn't happening?"