The latest issue of ARTnews -- described as "the oldest, most widely-read fine arts magazine in the world" -- has an excellent article on the art world's embracing of games in the last decade with exhibits showcasing experimental titles like Mark Essen's Flywrench and installation's like Cory Arcangel's "Beat The Champ" coming to the Whitney Museum this May.

Describing "how video games became art", the piece presents a number of examples of video game/art crossovers, like Eddo Stern's Best... Flame War... Ever (an online argument turned into an animation or two masks quarreling over "armor class mitigation and "shadowknights"), Ian Bogost's Independent Games Festival finalist A Slow Year, and many others.

The article also covers the challenges of games seeking acceptance in the art scene, such as interactive experiences having to shed "their gameness" to court museums, the art world tending to "focus on certain types of gaming art and overlook others", and museum patrons that have set habits of spending only a few minutes with pieces on display.

There are also some great quotes in the ARTnews feature, like this one from Chris Melissinos: "People always ask me, 'If video games are an art, where is your Great Gatsby?' I like to remind them that it was almost 50 years after it was published before Gatsby was hailed as a classic." In the world of art and video games, the game has hardly begun."