In addition to an upcoming release to WiiWare, Amanita Design has announced a digital download release for Independent Games Festival award winner (Excellence in Visual Design) Machinarium on PSN later this year.

Originally released to Windows and Mac, Machinarium was also meant to appear on Xbox Live Arcade, but the independent Czech developer said Microsoft passed on publishing the charming point-and-click adventure game.

"They weren't interested because the game was already released for Mac and Windows, and Microsoft demanded it as part of an exclusivity deal," said Amanita's Jakub Dvorský at GameCity Nights over the weekend. "We're not interested in Microsoft anymore."

Amanita also revealed three games in development to PC Gamer, including Osada, an interactive music video with "Czech psychedelic country music" and a visual style that appears to be influenced by Terry Gilliam, coming out in a couple of weeks as a free download.

The second title Amanita unveiled is Botanicula (pictured), a "simple but quite large" point-and-click adventure about "five tree critters on a quest to save their home's last seed from a pack of evil parasites", releasing at the end of the year.

And the studio also mentioned Samorost 3, a sequel to its unique and surreal browser-based adventure series, which is planned for PCs and consoles this time around. This release is meant to be more polished, more intricate, and longer than the previous award-winning installments.