Three-man indie studio A Jolly Corpse posted this first trailer for Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol, a fun looking puzzle-platformer with 16-bit-style graphics, targeting Windows, Xbox Live Indie Games, and Windows Phone 7 (Mac, Android, and iOS ports planned for the future, too).

The premise of the game is two "notorious thieves", Wyv and Keep, are "weary of the mundane life of thievery" and are now travelling the globe to search for lost treasures. The pair work cooperatively, navigating boxes to switches while avoiding traps, enemies, and obstacles.

A Jolly Corpse compares the gameplay to Blizzard's beloved SNES title The Lost Vikings, as it encourages you to switch between the two thieves to solve different puzzles in single-player mode. There's also a two-player mode planned if controlling two characters is too much for you.

The studio hasn't yet announced a release date for Wyv and Keep, but it says a playable preview is coming "sooner rather than later."

[Via TIGForums]