Zordix AB wants to help you "relive the undeniable coolness of the 80s" with a new DSiWare game that drops you into a Grand Theft Auto-style, top-down perspective and charges you with... safely parking and delivering other people's cars as fast as possible, so you can save up money to buy your own ride.

It seems like a boring premise, buy Zordix does its best to liven up Valet Parking 1989 by setting it in "a time when pink was more pink than it has ever been before, a time when Hollywood celebrities really were celebrities, cars guzzled gasoline like there was no tomorrow and pedestrians weren't a protected and endangered species."

The downloadable game offers 15 songs that are "quite but not like, anything you heard before" -- tyou'll see what you mean when you hear Valet Parking 1989's homage to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" in the trailer above. You can also look forward to 30 different characters that you "may or may not (n)ever have heard of".

Valet Parking 1989's other features include a "teen movie story", 12 story mode levels, an endless play mode, 15 cars with their own quirks, "handcuffs and ice cream", "mullets, mullets everywhere", and "shoulder pads galore". Yeah, I can't wait for this.

[Via Tiny Cartridge]