Mac-owning roguelike fans are living the life right now! Last night, QFC Design finally ported IGF award nominated Desktop Dungeons to OS X, and now Fargoal has released Sword of Fargoal Legends, its iOS remake of Jeff McCord's classic Commodore 64 game, on the Mac App Store!

In this old-school adventure, players explore a randomly generated dungeon (20+ dungeon levels, 100 unique dungeon maps per game), fight 28 different monsters (each with different abilities, weapons, and spells), avoid traps, while trying to retrieve the Sword of Fargoal. 

The game features original music by Daniel Pemberton, animations by Emmy-winning animator Charlie Canfield, the ability to zoom in and out to see the entire dungeon or close-ups of the action, themed maps, episodic adventures, and eventually in-app purchases (e.g. original C64 version tiles).

You can buy Sword of Fargoal Legends on your Mac for $4.99 or your iPad for $2.99. Sword of Fargoal is also available on your iPhone/iPod Touch for $2.99.