Keeping up with the "Namco Generations" remakes for its classic franchises on PS3/Xbox 360 (see the amazing Pac-Man Championship Edition DX), Namco Bandai is producing a sequel to 2008's Galaga Legions with Galaga Legions DX, as well as a new Aero Cross game.

The publisher put out a new video that shows the first footage of Galaga Legions DX, but for some reason the clip's first minute and a half focuses on the original Galaga Legions. If you skip to the 1:34 mark, you'll see around six seconds of the "new Galaga formation confirmed".

Namco Bandai hasn't outlined what's new in the shoot'em up, but our sister site GamerBytes points out, "[It] seems to throw out the bizarre satellite gameplay from the original, and instead has some sort of secondary weapons that can work in a variety of formations".