Add another video game zine to your must-buy list! 1UP alum and recent Gamasutra contributor Ray Barnholt -- the go-to Western source for all things Game Center CX -- is publishing SCROLL, a new "midzine" about "the coolness of video games".

The inaugural 40-page issue features a cover story celebrating the SNES's 20-year-anniversary, exploring "the history of the Super NES and its struggle to endure, followed by galleries of the best SNES games, both sung and unsung."

SCROLL's contents also lists several other articles written by Barnholt: "Japan Desu", "The Island of Misfit Hardware", "Fullscreen: StarTropics", "Wait Wait, Don't TALK Me" (by Alex Fraioli), and "In Defense Of... Hydlide".

You can preview and buy SCROLL #1 for just $10 here. Don't forget to follow the complementary blog, too!