Promoting the 3DS in Europe with public events this weekend and feeling the need to appease gamers with the most realistic graphics possible, Nintendo didn't just rely on Super Street FIghter IV's stereoscopic 3D visuals; the company hired two actors to play the parts of Ryu and Ken, staging a mock battle for attendees.

You don't get to see any fireballs or Ultra Combos in this video captured by Youtube user Bakaboy, but there are a few moves recognizable from the fighting game, as well as a dragon punch (jab, apparently) thrown in for good measure. I love the Super Street FIghter IV announcer thrown in, too: "What will happen now?!"

Of course, if you seen Mortal Kombat 3's E3 battle back in 1995, this is nothing new to you. And don't forget about Rare's Killer Instinct dance at that same event! What is it about fighting video games that compels companies to choreograph live performances that people will laugh about on Youtube for years?

[Via That Brown Guy]