Experimental game developer Jason Rohrer -- who you'll know from titles like Passage, Sleep is Death, and 2009 Independent Games Festival Innovation award winner Between -- has just released a single-player "infinite, recursive, tactical shooter".

Inside A Star-filled Sky appears to be a traditional top-down shooter at first, allowing you to shoot enemies scattered around the procedurally generated stage and pick up power-ups that don't seem to do anything at first.

When you move to the next stage, though, the camera zooms out and you find the character you were playing is inside another bigger figure. Again, you wander around the stage and kill enemies, but now you have the power-ups you picked up from the previous stage.

You can revert back to your previous state if you don't like your weapons/power-up combinations and want to alter your character. You can also click enemies and power-ups to edit their powers. If that all sounds complicated, just check out the gameplay video after the break!

Rohrer is selling non-DRM versions of the Windows/Mac/Linux game for $1.75 plus whatever donation you want to throw in. The minimum price covers payment processing fees and download bandwidth. You'll get access to future updates, tech support, and a full source code bundle!