Despite all the attention it received from gaming blogs in the West, the Radiant Silvergun Xbox 360 arcade stick announced last December won't be seeing a release -- Japanese accessory manufacturer Hori notified consumers who put in a reservation for one that it cancelled production due to a lack of preorders.

The Real Arcade Pro EX RS-1 was modeled after the control panel of Radiant Silvergun's original 1998 Japanese arcade control panel (with extra buttons to match the standard Xbox 360 pad), and was supposed to release in Japan alongside Treasure's re-release of the shoot'em up to Xbox Live Arcade this year.

It's not surprising that Hori didn't receive many reservations, as I imagine the number of fans who like the cult game enough to spend ¥13,500, or $165, on a special arcade stick is likely very low (NCSX, which appears to still be taking pre-orders, was asking for $289 due to "special arrangements to import the joysticks to North America").

It didn't help that the window for putting in a reservation for the limited edition stick, December 17 to January 04, was too short to permit a substantial amount of preorders.

[Via MechaDamashii]