NYU Game Center announced that No Quarter, its exhibition designed to "explore the possibilities for social play in real-world environments," will return this May with new games from designers like Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV).

No Quarter seeks to create an arcade setting "that generates complex, surprising, and playful interactions in the public setting of a gallery space". Last year's inaugural event featured several commissioned games: multiple IGF award finalist Nidhogg by Mark "messhof" Essen, Recurse by Matt Parker, and Deep Sea by Robin Arnott.

This year's No Quarter Exhibition will have comissioned games from Terry Cavanagh, Ramiro Corbetta of Powerhead Games (IGF Award winner Glow Artisan), and New York-based board game designer Charley Miller. Luke O'Conner's Clock, which originally premiered at indie arcade Babycastles, will also appear at the gallery.

The developers will debut their projects at No Quarter's opening party on May 12th. Afterward, the gallery will remain on display and available for the public to play until the end of the month.

Opened in 2008, NYU Game Center seeks to "incubate new ideas, create partnerships, and establish a multi-school curriculum to explore new directions for the creative development and critical understanding of games". It is is located at the Tisch School in the Skirball Center for New Media in New York City.