Famitsu posted this new trailer for the upcoming PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, showing off the game's new character portraits/arts, enhanced user interface, widescreen support, and clips from the game's new opening movie. It will also feature a new soundtrack, a new difficulty mode, and more.

Originally released for the PlayStation in 1999, Innocent Sin never released outside of Japan, though it did receive an unofficial fan translation several years ago, and Persona 2's second chapter, Eternal Punishment, made it to the States for some reason. HG101 has a good summary of Innocent Sin's plot:

"Persona 2: Innocent Sin focuses on a small group of Japanese high schoolers. Taking place a few years after the original, strange things have been going on, the most bizarre being that rumors are now becoming reality. The latest urban myth is that calling your own cell phone number will summon a demon called The Joker, who will grant you a wish.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are being killed by this Joker fellow, but your gang decides to try it out anyway. Sure enough, the Joker appears - only he seems to bear a grudge towards Tatsuya, Eikichi and Lisa, taunting them about a sin they can't remember.

They meet Philemon and are granted Personae, much like [in Persona 1], and begin their journey to discover the meaning behind the Joker curse. It's a journey back into the same strange world, with demented principals who seek to punish slacking students with death, and neo Nazis looking to resurrect Hitler."

Atlus has only announced Persona 2: Innocent Sin for a Japanese release in April so far, but considering that the publisher shipped the Persona 1 and Persona 3 PSP remakes in North America, it's likely this will eventually come out in the U.S. too.

[Via duckroll]