Game designer Brice Morrison (Electronic Arts, CrowdStar) has just published a new book titled Game Development Hero, which pitches itself as "the most up to date guide to becoming a game developer that there is."

The book's promise to help you "create games, get job offers, and find your way in the games industry" might sound like a scheme to part gullible hobbyist developers with their cash, but from what I can tell, the book does seem to offer solid advice.

Game Development Hero covers steps you can take toward becoming an engineer/artist/designer, how to build your skills and experiences to prepare yourself over the years to break into the industry, and common pitfalls you can make when trying to create your own games.

Morrison says all of the content is pulled "from professional game designers, artists, and engineers who broke into the industry within the past few years", featuring interviews with developers from Naughty Dog, Thatgamecompany, Valve, and Ready At Dawn, as well as IGF award finalist Marc Ten Bosch (Miegakure).

You can read a chapter from Game Development Hero here and  purchase the 336-page paperback at Amazon for $29 ($19.95 digital edition available with a free copy of The Next Frontiers of Game Design, too)