Last October, we highlighted a strange "thought-based metagame" called Dyad, which indie developers Shawn McGrath and Pekko Koskinen (Dragonfly Variations, Spawns of Deflebub) described as "a racing/shooter/puzzle hybrid where players move forward by manipulating other vessels on the track".

The game is slated to release on PSN some time this year, but it's also been outfitted to play on an interesting homemade platform known only as "The Machine". McGrath built The Machine out of "scrap metal, bedsheets, recycled plywood, and car parts", creating a setup that rotates players around Dyad's tubes as they play.

"The Machine features two motors: one to rotate the player's seat, and another vibrate it, both motors and syncrhonized with the action in Dyad. Motors are driven by a hacked 600W computer PSU and controlled with an Arduino microcontroller.

A PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller is fixed to the seat, and its accelerometer is used to read the tilt of the chair. The Machine displays Dyad's rich colors with a rear-projected screen and features surround sound."

You'll be able to check out The Machine in person when it makes its debut at PAX East 2011 (Indie Alley, Booth I9).

[Via @capy_nathan]