Flywrench and You Found the Grappling Hook, both titles released for Windows a few years ago by Mark "Messhof" Essen before he went on to create the Independent Games Festival's mult-award finalist Nidhogg, are now available to download and play on Mac.

Essen describes Flywrench (video above) as "a tough game about avoiding colored lines": "You move around by flapping and rolling. Each maneuver your ship can perform changes its color. Match a line’s color to pass through it. Try not to overthink things."

And our sister site Indie Games says You Found the Grappling Hook is about "a treasure hunter who is seeking for gold in an underground cavern, armed with a pick and a grappling hook that can be used to traverse across gaping chasms or scale precipitous walls."

You can download the two titles, which were ported to Mac by Leon Arnott, for free in this post. The original PC editions are available to play at these links, too: Flywrench and You Found the Grappling Hook.