SpikeDislike, a simple but very addictive and fun game from indie developer James 'Jayenkai' Gamble (Tetripong, Platdude), is free for iOS devices today, in honor of the "AGameAWeek" coder's birthday.

The action game is usually priced at $0.99 and has a free online version you can play here, so it's not that much of a deal, but you should still grab it anyway because it's that fun (and the iOS edition features eight interchangeable themes, three difficulty settings, and more).

In this one-button game, you need to bounce a ball across a sidescrolling stage full of randomly placed spikes, tapping the screen to move forward. Again, it's really simple, but the challenge comes in trying to clear multiple spikes at a time without stopping too often.

You can check out a SpikeDislike trailer after the break:

[Via IndieGames.com]