Rich Vreeland, best known for his chiptune releases and game soundtrack work (Fez, Cat Astro Phi, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter) released under the moniker Disasterpeace, has put out an intriguing "experiment in algorithmic music generation" called January.

In the neat interactive poem, you move a wandering man left or right on a snowy day, sticking out your tongue to catch a snowflake, which results in a musical note playing and a short phrase appearing every now and then. When the snow picks up, you can compose a song by running around with your tongue out.

"January uses a set of predefined musical rules to make choices about what the next note (or notes) will be, while also giving the player the freedom to choose when notes will be played, and the ability to make distinctions between different types," Disasterpeace explains.

You can play January for free online here.

[Via @brandonnn]