BlinkWorks Media has posted an update on its progress for Indie Game: The Movie, its documentary about independent game developers and their projects, and the production company says the film is "on track for a September (ish) 2011 release".

September might seem like forever away, but you'll be getting a lot for your wait! BlinkWorks says the film is shaping up to be around 10-15 minutes longer than it's original target of 80 minutes. It also promises some interesting narrative elements:

"We just now have some story arcs that prompt one to keep on watching this doc. One thing that we feared early on was created something that was a collection of disparate ideas. A film in which the viewer could watch 5 minutes at the beginning, 5 minutes at the end and not sense that they’re missing anything in between.

The doc has more of a journey now. And that’s a good thing."

The Manitoba-based firm says it's completed an "an extremely rough edit of about 80%" of the movie, but it still has to work on "some focused shoots, a huge collection of graphic creation and the just some good ol’ fashion creative editing."

In addition to the Indie Game DVDs and digital download options that BlinkWorks intends to put out, the company is investigating a possible tour for film screenings at theaters around the country, followed by Q&As. Head over here if that's something you'd be into.

Oh, and while we're talking about documentaries for indie games, La Mar "spinach" Williams II's Kickstarter fund for "You Meet the Nicest People Making Videogames" is just a few hundred dollars short of reaching its $3,000 goal, so throw your cash there if you have some to spare!