Though I never picked it up, I had a number of people rave to me about Rooms: The Main Building when Hudson released the unique slide-puzzler to Wii and DS last Last March -- Big Fish Games originally published it for PC two years prior, and it was an Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner in 2007.

If you ignored it before, too, here's a chance for us to correct our failures! Hudson has published the game for iPad, packing with it support for Game Center, 80 stages in total, two extra modes after clearing the main game ("Time Limit Mode" and "Challenge Mode"), and trophies for clearing various bonus challenges.

The goal of the game is to help Chris, a fellow who's found himself trapped in a strange series of Rooms, collect Golden Puzzle Pieces by sliding/re-arranging different squares he can walk through. As you guide Chris toward the exit, he'll find different objects or gimmicks in each room that will help him progress.

You can buy Rooms: The Main Building on your iPad for just $5.99.