If drinking beer and playing arcade games sounds like a life you want to live, the Custom Bar Guys have just the machine for you. The team's newly announced Gamerator features "a built in tap and refrigerated interior for housing a standard keg of the player’s favorite brew".

It has everything you need to play games, too: a 26-inc flat-panel HDTV, two joystick setups and a trackball system, and over 85 licensed classic games installed on a Windows PC setup (Castlevania, Street Fighter 2: CE, Gauntlet, etc,). Oh, and there are cup holders, too.

It's quite an expensive machine, though, at $3,499. Custom Bar Guys explains: 

"We custom build each unit by hand here in southwest Virginia and only use wood and materials from trusted retailers. Quite frankly, most arcade cabinets on the market run anywhere from $2500-$4000 (and from a quality standpoint we'll put the Gamerator up against any of them), and a commercial kegerator will set you back around $500, so this is the best possible deal we can get you for both things."
You can find more info on the Gamerator and drop a $1,000 deposit for one here.