These latest Game Over IV pieces we have to share with you come from Jude Buffum, the artist behind memorable works like the chopped up Chocobo/Ganon and 8-bit Keyboard cat. They're all part of a series titled "8-Bit Terrariums", which imagines encased scenes from Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania.

"I actually see a lot of similarities between video games and terrariums" Buffum explains. "They are both closed systems that seek to nurture and sustain an entire world within a small viewing space. And I get equal enjoyment out of interacting and watching both."

These pieces and several dozen works from other talented contributors will be on display at Giant Robot's video game-inspired show art show Game Over IV next week. The San Francisco event won't be too far away from the Game Developers Conference, and will open with a party on March 4th.

Buffum will also have a 20 ft. installation/social experiment at the actual Game Developers Conference called Paint by Pixels, which you can read more about here.