If, like me, you're a fan of roguelikes and were disappointed that one of the genre's most interesting titles as of late, Desktop Dungeons, was available for only Windows PCs, sulk no more! QFC Design has finally brought the streamlined roguelike to Macs!

"Yup, after battling with [Game Maker] for OSX on and off, we’ve managed to reach a reasonably stable point," says QCF's Danny "Dislekcia" Day. "It’s basically the same version of the alpha that’s available for PC, but now you can play it on your Mac doohickeys!"

For those unfamiliar with Desktop Dungeons, which is a finalist for the Independent Games Festival's Seamus McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Design Awards, here's a quick description:

"Desktop Dungeons is a ten-minute 'dungeon crawl' adventure that distills the roguelike genre to its most basic components, turning it into a single-screen puzzle adventure comparable to the likes of Oasis and Tower of the Sorcerer.

Using absolutely every resource at their disposal, players need to balance dungeon exploration and treasure looting against frequent combat and divine requests."

Grab it here!

[Via @Capy_Nathan]