[Every week, we sum up sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent portable game platforms, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Tucker Dean, Jason Johnson, and Ryan Hibbeler.]

This week, FingerGaming covers Bop It!, New Bust-A-Move, and Devil May Cry 4: Refrain, among other notable titles.

Also within are the lists for top-grossing, most-downloaded free and paid Apps from Apple's store, along with a look at Gameloft's Zelda-like Sacred Odyssey.

Here are the top stories from the last seven days:

- Top-Grossing Game Apps: In-App Sales Spike for Tap Zoo, Zombie Farm
"A number of microtransaction-supported free games enter the iPhone's top-grossing sales chart this week; Pocket Gems' Tap Zoo has proven especially popular, moving up to second place after taking third last week."

- Capcom Debuts iOS-Exclusive Devil May Cry 4: Refrain
"Like Capcom's last App Store release Dead Rising Mobile, Refrain is based loosely upon a previously released console game. As DMC4 protagonist Nero, players must defeat armies of bizarre creatures and boss monsters using a mix of swordplay and ranged weaponry."

- Hasbro's Bop It! Arrives in App Store
"Like its real-world plastic counterpart, Bop It! challenges players to bop, pull, and twist colorful objects in response to voiced prompts. Players can play solo or with multiple opponents in a pass-and-play elimination mode."

- Top iPad Game Apps: Battleheart Challenges Dead Space
"EA's Dead Space drops to sixth place after debuting at second last week, as Mika Mobile's real-time strategy game Battleheart takes seventh place in its first week of release."

- New Bust-A-Move Now Available in App Store
"New Bust-A-Move introduces the 'jump shot,' an ability that allows Bub and Bob to launch a bubble behind a obstructing row. The game also adds a 'hold' mechanic allowing players to store bubbles for later use, along with new boss levels throughout the adventure."

- Gameloft to Launch Sacred Odyssey as 'Freemium' Game
"Sacred Odyssey is a third-person action-RPG with a focus on dungeon exploration, blade-based melee combat, item collection, and horseback riding. After downloading the game for free from the App Store, players will be prompted to pay $6.99 after the first gameplay segment."

- Top iPhone Game Apps: Updated Trenches Returns to Charts
"Thunder Game Works' real-time strategy game Trenches moves up to third place following a recent update adding Game Center multiplayer support, pushing Chillingo's Cut the Rope to fourth place."

- Namco Releases Free Pac-Man Battle Royale Trial for iPad
"To promote the upcoming release of its competitive multiplayer arcade game Pac-Man Battle Royale, Namco Networks has released a free demo version of the game exclusively for the iPad, featuring a single level of gameplay from the arcade version."