Cory Arcangel, the Brooklyn-based aritst behind funny works like the "Sorry I Haven't Posted" blog and the Slim Thug Status Bot, has a new video game installation called Beat The Champ,  whcih features wall-sized projections of 14 different bowling games meant to span the history of the medium, from the Atari to the PlayStation 2.

Currently at London's Barbican Art Gallery, the games have all been hacked so that each of their bowlers play a scoreless game and throw gutterballs, making for "an absurd perpetual motion machine of bright colors, swinging bodies and messages of disappointment," according to The Measure.

The Whitney Museum of American art commissioned the installation and will soon appear there from May 26 to September 11 as part of a Pro Tools exhibition collecting Arcangel's prints, drawings, games, and videos. For now, you can see it at the Barbican Art Gallery until May 22.