Def Jam Rapstar publisher Autumn Games announced that it will release Skullgirls, a fast-paced 2D fighter from new indie developer Reverge Labs (headed by former Pandemic lead designer Richard Wyckoff), to "high-definition" home consoles later this year. 

The game features a bizarre cast of girls all fighting to acquire an artifact known as the Skull Heart, which will grant its owner a single wish. If the owner's heart is impure, though, her wish and body will be "twisted my malice", transforming her into a monstrous Skullgirl with immense power.

Skullgirl's official site has revealed eight characters so far, like the purple-haired female above:

"Filia is a young schoolgirl whose memories were devoured by the parasite Samson. Now attached to the back of her head, he has become her only source of guidance. The beast offers to help recover her memories in exchange for granting him a wish using the Skull Heart."
Other interesting fighters include Cerebella (the woman with the huge orange arms growing out of her head) and the two Canopy Princesses, Umbrella and Parasoul:

The interesting character designs are courtesy of director Alex Ahad, whose work has previously appeared in Scott Pilgrim and Lava Punch. More than a dozen other talented artists/animators are also working on the game, including Mariel Cartwright and Eric Muentes.

"We're aiming to create a new take on fighting games, drawing on our own experience as competitive gamers to combine the best elements of classic fighters into something with intense action, an engaging story and the most advanced 2D fighting engine ever created," says Reverge's Wyckoff

The CEO adds, "Autumn Games is quickly making a name for itself in the industry as a publisher of fresh and exciting games and a true partner to independent game developers, and they were the ideal choice for us to partner with on Skullgirls."