StarQuail's Michael Stearns, who you might remember from Xbox Live Indie Games release <em>Astroman late last year, has put out another platformer called Tiny Barbarian, releasing it for free on PC. While he only worked on the (awesome) art for Astroman, Stearns programmed this project by himself in Game Maker.

The game follows "a love-struck barbarian [chasing] a mysterious woman who does not reciprocate his feelings", and is inspired by R.E.Howard's Conan the Barbarian short story "The Frost Giant's Daughter". Stearns says he was also inspired by another retro-style platformer, Alastair John Jack's Arvoesine.

You can download Tiny Barbarian for free here -- if you have trouble with the boss, make sure to check out the Counselor's Corner scan linked on that page!