Those who've had the displeasure of hearing me rave about Skip Ltd.'s unappreciated DSiWare gem Art Style: Boxlife for hours have surely heard me describe it as "Japan's interpretation of the American dream" by now -- it's a game that melds box folding puzzles with purchasing upgrades to your estate.

Irish indie developer and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh has just posted a very similar game that's actually called American Dream, which he worked on Stephen Lavelle, Jasper Byrne, and Tom Morgan-Jones at a game jam last weekend (Cavanagh slapped together a second unrevealed game there, too).

The goal of American Dream is to make a million dollars and decorate your home with the latest furniture and appliances, but instead of folding boxes to make money, you'll be trading celebrity commodities -- it's much more addictive and fun than it sounds, buying/selling Tina Turner commodities!

Cavanagh says he had the idea for this game hanging around in some form or another since last summer: "Originally it was a [Klick of the Month] game about an assassin who spent all his money on designer furniture, and it was called Killing Spree."

You can play American Dream for free in your browser now at Cavanagh's site (Warning: some NSFW, crude drawings in the game) . And after you finish that in under a half hour, you should definitely go out and buy Boxlife (500 Points on DSiWare)!