Berlin-based indie Brightside Games and Ubisoft announced that Zeit², the time-manipulating shoot'em up that was an Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winner in 2009, is finally available for the general public to download and play on Xbox Live Arcade.

In Zeit², players have the ability to fast-forward the shmup gameplay for more points, or rewind to fight alongside a past copy of their ship. The game features six different game modes, eight bosses, and 70 different challenges.

You can grab the game now for 800 Microsoft points or download a free demo. You should note that there's currently a bug, though, where the game will invert your up/down controls if your Xbox profile default is set to inverted controls. Adjusting your profile should fix it for now.

Also, you can check out a GameTrailers interview with Brightside Games about how they managed to turn a student project into a commercial XBLA release after the break: