Indie developer Nicolai Troshinsky has put out another game with a concept that's just too too unique to not try out. Several months ago, he gave us UFO on Tape, a zero-button tape that had you filming an alien ship. Then he debuted video manipulation game Loop Raccord, which is an IGF Nuovo Award finalist.

Now he's released Raccord Sniper, a "memory game disguised as a sniper game", in which you shoot out-of-place furniture. It's part of Troshinsky's "Recycling Games" project (Loop Raccord used video clips, A Game For Two used classical music/paintings), as the scenes are from Ikea's catalog.

"In cinematographic language there are three types of raccord: movement raccord, shape raccord, and continuity raccord," explains the developer. "My game Loop Raccord dealt with movement raccord, and in the case of Raccord Sniper it´s continuity raccord´s turn.

Troshinsky continues, "It is not my intention to develop a raccord trilogy, the idea for this game comes from a very different source than Loop Raccord's, although I do not exclude the possibility, if I come with an interesting idea for shape raccord."

"Continuity raccord is the effect that creates the sensation that two shots taken on different moments belong to the same instant. This effect is better known for it´s lack, for instance, when by mistake an actor´s clothes or haircut change from one shot to another."

You can download Raccord Sniper (Windows PC) for free here.