I am really loving the trend of location/event-exclusive editions of indie games lately, even if it means I don't get to play them! If you've no idea what I'm referring to, last month, Semi Secret debuted a two-player version of Canabalt for the Winnitron 1000, an arcade machine built to play indie titles from Winnipeg developers.

Then last weekend, at Giant Robot's Game Night 4, Vlambeer showed off an X-mas edition of its game Super Crate Box. Now the studio has created another variant of the platformer with Super Crate Box Versus, available only on the Winnitron 1000 and the Winnitron NL (its Dutch arcade counterpart).

Super Crate Box Versus is built on top of the original game that was nominated for an Independent Games Festival "Excellence In Design" award, and adds two-player competitive battles, challenging players to grab crates while blasting the waves of enemies that fill the screen with machine guns, bazookas, and more.

At the moment, you can find the Winnitron 1000 at Winnipeg's LoPub and the Winnitron NL at Utrecht's Dutch Game Garden. Super Crate Box Versus will be revealed during the opening ceremony of the Global Game Jam in the Netherlands.