Japanese publisher Spike has released a new trailer for Way of the Samurai 4, the latest entry to Acquire's action-adventure sandbox series that has players taking on the role of a ronin in feudal Japan, releasing overseas on February 17.

Eastern Mind, always a wonderful resource for niche import game news, has the best summary I can find of the game's plot:

"The newly announced Way of the Samurai 4 will be set, as expected, during the Tokugawa period. Its open-ended narrative will take place in a port town in the region of Ami, a town of fishing industry, old inns and open commercial relations with the foreign nations.

Expectedly, the town is dominated by three different factions, based upon genuine social standings that represent a cross-section of Japanese society of the Edo era; the Shogunate forces, struggling to keep the order in the town; the anti-foreigner militias, whose fervent patriotism demands Sakoku; and, lastly, the foreigners themselves, comfortably settled in Japan under the conditions of the Convention of Kanagawa.

Upon arriving to the town, the wandering Samurai is free to intersperse with any of the parties, although none of the choices is forever binding. ..."

Way of the Samurai 4 will release exclusively for the PS3 -- though its predecessor also debuted on the Xbox 360, sales for that edition were apparently disappointing. There's no info yet on a Western release, but hopefully Capcom, Agetec, UFO Interactive, or another publisher will announce something soon.

[Via Nobuooo]