Though Jaleco is no longer the developer/publisher we remember from its fun NES releases years ago, its '80s spirit lives on in the form of iOS ports and now an upcoming CD release in Japan called Rom Cassette Disc In Jaleco.

The album will feature some 150 songs taken from 15 of Jaleco's NES/Famicom games -- so far, we know that classics like Ninja Jajamaru-kun, City Connection, and Youkai Club will be featured in the album. The company has a lot of games in its library to pull from!

Rom Cassette Disc In Jaleco will sell for ¥2,310, or around $28, in Japan starting January 26 -- I expect you'll be able to grab a copy of the CD from import shops, if not the digital tracks on iTunes, soon after.

[Via Game Swag]