I missed this compilation when it released months ago, but visual artist Raquel Meyers, whose provocative work we've featured on several occasions, has put out a "Useless Yet Crucial" DVD collecting many of her video productions and performances.

Lighrhythm Studios describes the release:

"A surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by 8bit graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish.

Useless yet crucial brings together some of Raquel's most precious works to date and throws down some great new tracks unseen, aswell as 11 remixes and collaborations with some of the top computer chiptune artists and a kool krew of pixel pushers."

The DVD offers 24 audiovisual tracks, two hidden tracks, an image slideshow, 10 VJ loops, and an artist interview. Expect audio/video performances from collaborators like Goto80, Glomag, Bubblyfish, No Carrier, C-Men, Psilodump, and many others.

You can grab the DVD for $19.99 or download it for the same price at Lightrhythm's site.

[Via True Chip Till Death]