Indie developer Radiangames has put out its fifth XBLIG release in as many months, Ballistic, a fast twin-stick shooter featuring "thousands of explosions per minute, co-op play, nine unique upgrades, five 2-minute challenges, and online scoreboards (Gold membership required)."

You can download Ballistic now for only 80 MS Points or grab a free demo. Radiangames has also posted Ballistic's electronica soundtrack and the music from six other previous releases (refer to sidebar on that link) for you to stream for free or buy for $1.99 each.

With Ballistic's release and difficulties staying afloat on the XBLIG platform, Radiangames will be shifting away from XNA and XBLIG development for his next project, Super Crossfire, working with the Unity platform for future games instead.

"By stepping away from XNA, I'll be forced to get outside my comfort zone and learn new ways to make games and find out if there’s a better way to make money with my games," explains Radiangames' Luke Schneider.

He adds, "And by no longer being focused on monthly games, I’ll have enough time to expand into other genres and make some deeper and more varied games as well."