Tokyo-based studio HyperDevbox (ExZeus Arcade) announced the launch of its Android port for Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires, Idea Factory's tactical RPG originally released for the PSP back in September 2006.

The original game wasn't received well by reviewers, but this Android port is notable for being the first port of a 1-gigabyte PSP title, with all those bytes promising high res graphics, 52 songs, 84 characters, and some 100 hours of gameplay.

Spectral Souls' story centers on "the tale is the Seven-Year War between humans and demons, taking place in Magic Age 1053 on Neverland, 'a world apart from our own, home to strange and dangerous creatures'."

HyperDevbox makes a point to note that it's releasing the smartphone port exclusively for Android during what it calls "an open war between the Android and the iPhone, with gaming being one of the battlegrounds."

The developer argues, "While other developers are struggling to make headway in the lower end of the market, HyperDevbox Japan is focused on the higher end, believing that the Android gaming market in particular has a robust future."

Spectral Souls is available through the Android Market now in the U.S., and the Japanese version will release some time next month. HyperDevbox says this is the "the first of a planned long series of premium titles from the company".