Since People Can Fly picked today to announce the upcoming Xbox 360/PS3 demo release of Bulletstorm for later this month, now seems like a good time to also look at an unreleased game the Polish developer worked on after it put out Painkiller and before Epic Games acquired a majority stake in the studio.

Come Midnight was also an Xbox 360/PSN game that People Can Fly worked on, but it was so be a survival horror game before it was cancelled (this was likely the original project the developer was working on with THQ several years ago), according to a report from G4tv.

The game was unseen by most of the public until 3D artist Andrzej Rudz recently uploaded several images and this video of Come Midnight's environments, showing off a noir-ish tone that taking us through a police station, a boxing gym, a lavish home. and an abandoned ship. 

It's a different feel from i's futuristic setting, head stomping, and, uh, nut shots.